The main hall is approximately 14.2m (46.5ft) long by 6.2m (20ft) wide in size and 88sqm (930sqft) floor area and can accommodate up to 120 people.
Capacity for seated guests at a reception or party is dependent on layout:-
  • Banquet style seating (10 sq ft per person) = 93 seated
  • General restaurant seating(15 sq ft per person)  = 62 seated
  • Fine Dining (20sq ft per person) = 46 seated
The hall has a high vaulted ceiling creating an open airy feel. The floor is polished semi sprung timber which is ideal for either sports activities like aerobics or social functions such as dances, parties or discos.
Recently decorated and refurbished the hall has three lighting configurations:
  • Dimmable high Level fluorescents for sports and activities requiring a bright environment
  • Up/Down dimmable LED Mood lighting for parties and where more subtle lighting is required
  • Colour Changing LED strip lights for discos, parties and to match wedding reception themes
The floor is marked out as a full size badminton court (without tramlines)which is regularly used by the Badminton Club
At the furthest end is a full width stage which can be used for performances, as a raised platform for presenters or a prominent location for Discos, Bands etc.
From the main hall access is provided to the adjacent "Pickards Cafe" Kitchen/Internet Cafe and thereon to the rear of the hall accommodating the toilet facilities.
The main hall is equipped with stage lighting, a PA/Amplifier system, hearing loop and WiFi internet access. Work is in hand to provide a Data Projector for showing films and presentations.

ew of Hall from Front Door

View of Hall from Stage
The high ceilings give a light and airy feel to the room. Windows are fitted with blackout blinds to make the hall lightproof when showing films or presentations.



The full width stage is great for theatrical performances or as an elevated location for a band or disco when holding dances.

The chair store directly behind the stage as direct access to the stage by a door in either wing allowing this space to be used as a changing room or a waiting place to enter the stage.

View of Stage

Meeting Room from Door

Meeting Room showing projector


In addtion to the main hall the Village Hall has a separate smaller meeting room.

 Measuring 5.5m long by 4 m wide this is located in the newly built annex. Like the main hall this has a vaulted ceiling making it light and airy. 

The room is equipped with full Audio Visual equipment with a drop down screen and data projector for showing presentations. It also has a built in hearing loop and DVD/CD player for playing back films or music CDs via the built in amplifier. Laptops or PCs may be connected via a long VGA cable to the projector (please bring an HDMI to VGA adapter if your laptop does not have a VGA connection). Broadband internet access is provided by ethernet connections or a wifi network.


The Village Hall has a fully fitted modern kitchen suitable for catering for small to medium size events. In addition it has a 4.5m by 900mm worktop which can double as a food servery or bar counter when holding licensed events.

The Kitchen has been named Pickards Cafe after the second world war pilot Group Captain "Pick" Pickard. Around the top of the room is a 270 degree mural depicting RAF Hunsdon the nearby airfield which was the base for the numerous Mosquito Squadrons during WWII.


View of Kitchen from Hall


A full range of catering equipment is available, including

  • Full size 6 burner gas oven
  • Warming cupboard
  • Fridge
  • Bottle cooler
  • Wall mounted hot water boiler for making hot drinks
  • Microwave oven for quick cooking or reheating food
  • Glasswasher

A large double bowl and drainer sink is available for washing up as well as the automatic glass washer.


In addition to the kitchen facilities, Pickards Cafe also has a fully functional Internet Cafe facility. This consists of three computer booths each with a dedicated PC.

Each PC has direct internet access and is installed with MS Office 2010 and Skype with individual HD webcams for internet phone calls.

Users can print to a networked printer or make photocopies for 10p per copy.