Rear Garden

In addition to the main hall and meeting room the Village Hall also has a self contained rear garden which is part hard paved and part lawn. It is lovingly maintained by members of the local Gardening Club.

It is ideal in the summer and dry weather for wedding and other receptions and for children's parties. The area is completely enclosed for the safety of young children.

The grassed area is especially suited to the erection of gazebos, a gala tent or inflatable attractions like a bouncy Castle or slides etc (only by prior consent of the Booking Officer only). A single 6.0m x 4.0m gala tent can be erected on the grassed area and two erected and joined side by side on the hard standing to provide an 8.0m x 6.0m covered area - perfect for asit down reception.

Six 6ft fold in half plastic top tables along with 30 steel fold up black chairs are available for use outside in the garden 

On the back of the building, over the hard paved area, is a 6.0m x 3.0m electric awning. This can be extended over the paving to provide shade or shelter where a gazebo or gala tent is not required.

There is a small pedestrian gate in the corner of the garden which leads to a small car parking area and from there via an unmade track to the High Street. There are two disabled parking spaces and space for up to a total of six vehicles if carefully parked. This is ideal for caterers and bar staff who can access the kitchen from the rear of the building without coming through the main hall.

The gate is wide enough to allow through some Pizza Ovens, Pig Roasts and BBQ's into the garden. (Use of these is subject to certain precautions to protect the surfaces from heat and cooking fat etc) 

There is full Wi-Fi coverage in the garden provided by an external Access Point which is ideal for bars that need to use a card payment machine.

There is external an floodlight and two double 13amp power sockets for connecting additional lights, music etc but there are restrictions applied by our premises licence that prevents music and excessive noise after certain times. Please discuss these with the booking Officer.

Garden Layout and Dimensions