Bookings & Availability Calendar

If you are interested in booking our Hall please go to the calendar below and follow these instructions to request a booking:-

Below is a plan of our premises showing the bookable areas e,g.

 1) By clicking on one of the the shaded Areas or buttons below you will be taken to the appropriate Area calendar.

2) Scroll through the calendar using the navigation arrows at the top of the window until you come to the date you require.

3) Click on the date and time on the calendar you wish to make a booking

4) You will now be taken to a page to create an account. It is important that you fill in all the fields as this information will be used to create your booking.

5) Select the times and any equipment you wish to include in your hire.

6) Once you have confirmed your request you will receive an automated confirmation email of your requested time and date

7) A Booking Request email will be sent to the Booking Officer with your requirements. At this stage the booking remains Provisional until you receive a confirmation email from the Booking Officer with an invoice.

Please note if you have any problems making a booking enquiry please email

Please note:-